What is Donny J China shipping policy for online orders?
We offer free shipping once your purchase goes over USD50.00.
Flat rate or USD7.99/shipment below purchase value of USD50.00.
We ship your purchase with a traceable tracking number.
If you need fast shipping by an international courier service. Please either you may provide your account or we request you to pay the courier charges by Paypal before the shipment leaves.

How long does it take for online purchased item to arrive?
On an average it takes between 7 to 18 working days by EMS trackable shipment. Not including public holidays or customs hold up. By FedEx or any other international courier it takes 2 to 3 days. Not including public holidays or customs hold up.

Does Donny J China provide return policy?
Online purchases carry warranty. Which means your purchase is safe. We practice “Fair Trade” business policy in our factory. Which means, you pay, we ship. If you are unhappy with the quality, you can return the purchase. Customer pays for return shipping. You have 30 days to return your online purchase in complete and unused condition. Returns must be accompanied by a copy of the bill of sale, including your name and phone number.  Items must be packaged properly and in original condition.  Shipping and insurance charges for product returned to Donny J China are complete responsibility of the customer.  Items in damaged, scratched or not in original condition will not qualify for refund or exchange. If customer wants us to ship back the item to you, you will pay for shipping charges.

How do I return an online purchase?
Simple, easy and fast. Just fill up this form. Send it to us with all details mentioning why you need to return to us. On receiving your message. Our team will reply with necessary information and how you can proceed to ship back the item to us.

What is the cancellation policy?
We allow customers to cancel at their will before their purchase leaves from our factory. Oh hold on, just so you may know, we don’t wish to hold your money in our pockets, but if the item is personalized we wish to be honest that you cannot cancel and there will be no refund. For us an ‘honorable customer’ is always right. We 99.99% of the times reasonably accept cancelation of regular, non-customized items. Its customer’s responsibility to inform us about cancellation 48 hours in advance.

What is the payment policy for online purchase?
We accept Paypal. Trusted online payment partner. You don’t necessarily need to have a PayPal account. You can simply use your Visa, Matercard, Discover or any listed credit card for your order.

Will Donny J China custom manufacture for me?
Donny J China specializes in manufacturing customized stainless steel jewelry and watches. Our store is just a sample showroom for customers who want to get to know us better.

What is the relation between a customer wanting to get to know Donny J China and your online store?
Yes, a good question. We have had great difficulty in starting this online store because, we don’t believe in selling online. We are here as a factory to manufacture stainless steel jewelry and watches for customers who need customized manufacturing services. Its not easy to start a relation just because we have a website and factory. Customers require samples to check our quality, communication skills and how we standby our word in terms of prompt reply or keeping up with assurances made. Our online store acts as a bridge between the first start of a relation and then proceeds to the next step of orders. You will not find and neither have we listed any customized jewelry or watches from our customers. This is because honesty and integrity are self-learnt assets, our management and our workers follow this in our workplace system.

How quickly can I get my customized order?
Jewelry takes between 18 to 45 days
Watches takes between 35 to 75 days
This delivery time purely depends on your quality requirement, details you want us to achieve in manufacturing and the quantity of your order. Our peak production season starts in March through October. So you can plan your purchase accordingly.

Can you rush the shipment for me?
Yes, we can if it’s a ‘one-time-requirement’ and just “for once only”.
If you are one of our existing customer and need fast shipment. We will utilize our resources to ensure you get your item. We cannot do all the orders in rush because we also need to serve our loyal customers that are patiently waiting in queue for their shipments.

Do you have any engraving services at the factory?
We provide laser engraving services. This is for mass orders only and not applicable to online orders.

What are your shipping methods for mass production?
Trusted international courier companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL have provided excellent service in last decade to us and our customers. If you need insurance coverage. You must let us know in advance. Our shipping department will advise you the tracking number in advance so that you can cover insurance with your insurance company in your country.