Oyster pearl Grade AAA

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Oyster Pearl Grade AAA


Fresh water oyster


Fresh water pearl


Sizes available : 5mm to 6mm, 7mm to 8mm, 9mm to 10mm


Quality of pearls: Fresh water pearls acceptable luster.


You can have you own exclusive colors. Simply advise us your choice of pantone color(s) from here. 


Note: There will always be difference in colors from what you see on your monitor and original pearls dyed in colors. Please be accepting to such difference.



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Oyster pearl Grade AAA

Oyster pearl Grade AAA fresh water oyster, smooth color tone for your customers to like.


Donny J China specializes in providing oyster pearls and loose pearls for business owners who run Pearl Party businesses or home party businesses. 


Great selection of colors to select from. Therefore our customer know us for our reliable and trustworthy relationship.


At our factory we ensure to pack all the goods as ordered by the customer. Our three step QC system helps us provide best service to our customers.  Contact us by clicking here. Our team will respond to  you and guide you step-by-step.


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