Floating charm Ice cream cone

Floating charm ice cream cone

Vibrant enamel colors

Fits small, medium and large (20mm, 25mm and 30mm) pendants.

Floating charms are made of high grade alloy with shiny finish back.

WATCH VIDEO: How Donny J China manufactures itsfloating charms .

You can view our range of stainless steel floating lockets.

Donny J China specializes in manufacturing complete range of floating lockets, charms, chains, dangles and more new accessories.

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Floating charm Ice cream cone.

Donny J China specializes in manufacturing high grade alloy floating charms. All charms are noteworthy because of their shiny finish back. Each floating charm is made with perfection because of stainless steel molds used in making these charms. Donny J China uses genuine enamel in completing its colorful charms therefore all floating charms compliment Donny J Chinas floating lockets collection. View our range of floating lockets and stainless steel jewelry chains. CH3.



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