New womens jewelry for home party buiness owners.

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Perfect collection for home party business owners.

Womens bracelets, best friend after diamonds. 


womens tennis bracelets Donny J China

Womens stainless steel bracelet



As beautiful they look, jewelry bracelets are not easy to make, as one imagines.


It is painstakingly detailed, taking a small metal piece (whether karat gold or stainless steel) and turning it into a thousand dollars worth look is simply a skilled craftsman hobby.


Yes, we mean it, its a hobby. Taking a small metal piece, repeatedly finishing many such pieces to make an extravagant bracelet for women is not an easy task at hand.


Those set of hands are trained and experienced to go through all detailed process of customized manufacturing and giving each bracelet its true beauty.


Donny J China specializes in that very same custom manufacturing. Time and time again again Donny J China has manufactured gorgeous womens bracelets , a.k.a tennis bracelets.


womens tennis bracelets Donny J China

Womens tennis bracelets



At Donny J China, we simply follow few important rules. 
Number 1, we want to only make jewelry pieces that last for long time to come.
Number 2, using only tried and tested raw material to achieve customers requirements.
Number 3, no compromising on quality just because customer wants cheaper price. We prefer passing on the order with a polite "no-thank-you-note" and,
Number 4, offer customer manufacturing warranty based on the final deal made.


The rest is decided by time and how long the customer enjoys working with us.


Today you will read more interesting facts below on how womens bracelets with thousand dollar looks are manufactured at Donny J China, in China. 


Bracelet for women
(also known as tennis bracelets)



These bracelets are made of 316L stainless steel. Using 316L as raw material, this ensures the bracelets after polishing process will shine like white gold.


Polished white gold shine on womens bracelet Donny J China

Natural mirror shine after detailed polish process



Jewelry lock is very important element in designing and manufacturing womens bracelets. This 90 degrees jewelry lock serves as a fail-proof locking system if in case your bracelet opens up in a freak accident or you forgot to lock it tight (you should hear a "click" sound when locking). Remember, nothing less than 90 degrees jewelry buckle (full stop).


jewelry buckle 90 degrees Donny J China


jewelry buckle 90 degrees Donny J China

High grade 90 degrees stainless steel buckle



Pins between each link act as another locking system. We ensure at our factory, every bracelet has smooth movement between every link. This is a sign of good quality manufacturing.


link locking on womens bracelets Donny J China

Every link is securely locked into each other



Brush polish on back of womens bracelets are important. With continuous touch to the wrist, brush finish will not fade in luster. USD5,000 to USD10,000 luxury Swiss watches also have their sides and back in brush finish. Luxury does not mean only "shining" looks.


brush finish back of womens bracelet Donny J China

Brush finish on back of bracelet



Different shapes of bracelets for your home party business (or be it your pearl party business).


Swarovski® crystal round large womens tennis bracelet Donny J ChinaSquare look tennis bracelet for women Donny J ChinaHeat shape tennis bracelet Swarovski® crystals Donny J ChinaRound crystal tennis bracelet Donny J Chinagold plated round crystals womens bracelet Donny J China

Womens bracelet designs (starting from top, round large crystal bracelet, round medium crystal bracelet square shape, heart shape crystal bracelet, marquise shape crystal bracelet, gold plated round crystal bracelet)




Customers who have searched us through Google or word of mouth from our other customers have offered feedback on why they chose to work with us, after seeing and touching our samples:


"today not many factories have time and are patient to wait and listen to detailed requirements. I have tried by registering on a b2c site and learnt very many bad experiences. They said yes to everything I asked for. But end of the day what I received was a totally another look and finishing. Before contacting you, I was still worried, my money again drowning into China."

Customer from United States of America
Ms. Melissa - Home Party Business Owner




Today we supply Ms. Melissa 60% of her home party jewelry. Quality is what is important to her and price is just a subjective topic, she says.


"The cheaper I want, the cheaper you can make and the cheaper will be the quality. I now know what I pay is what I get. "



Want to make your home party jewelry business successful.

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