About us

Since 1997, your reliable stainless steel jewelry and watch factory in China.



Serving stainless steel jewelry and watch industry customers with passion.



1990s - Our first step into manufacutring

We started as a small workshop of 5 craftsmen in the early 90's.


In those days we manufactured stainless steel jewelry findings and watch parts for other larger factories.


Our workshop worked 7 days a week trying to fulfill orders on time.


Understanding how our customers (bigger factories) had to ship goods on time to their customers overseas.


Learning from working with our customers helped us mature in our service commitment. Gradually we expanded our production from just stamping and casting to CNC.



1999 - Our second step into advanced CNC machines

We could afford to purchase our first CNC machine in 1999 with loan from our bank. It was the most precious machine for us and we treated it like a diamond.


Our management made a special dust free and temperature controlled room for it. Only experienced staff were allowed in or to operate the CNC machine.


From late 1999, we grew with larger orders for CNC stone setting on our stainless watch cases.



2002 - Fast forward into bigger production capacity

It was only in 2002 Donny J China started to operate a full scale stainless steel jewelry and watch factory.


Employing skilled labor, CNC machines and offering smooth communication to its customers.


We became known known our customized jewelry and watch manufacturing services.



"Over the years our customized jewelry and watch manufacturing services has specialized in working with home-party companies, brand owners of jewelry and or watches and wholesalers who look for quality merchandise. Your trust in our services is our strength."

- Mr. Li Hao Wen, Director, Donny J Hong Kong Ltd, Donny J China.



Our focused customer service helps us to understand important points where we need to pay attention during manufacturing OEM projects.


On the other hand, we provide new concepts and designs that will enable your jewelry or watch brand to become a market leader. We offer new turnkey projects to brands and work with budgets that suit price-points.


Understanding language skills is our priority. Our detailed communication with customers ensures every detail is encrypted into customers design when starting any project, be it a prototype or mass production.


Today our pride is in manufacturing OEM, ODM, OBM range of jewelry and watches with precious stones or with other crystals of your choice.


We honor your choice of working with us while we being your best source for all of your jewelry and watch manufacturing needs.


Contact us today and share your thoughts. Our customer service executives will reply promptly with information you need.


Look forward to serving your customized jewelry or watch requirements, with pleasure.


+ OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing) including Private Label manufacturing.
+ OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing).
+ ODM (Original Design Manufacturing).
stainless steel jewelry and watches (including semi finished or complete pieces).



Our Vision

Vision - Donny J Workshop.

Manufacture luxury timepieces and jewelry to serve O.E.M customers that need attention to detail in craftsmanship. Donny J Hong Kong Ltd took its first leap with this vision by knowing the needs of its initial select few customers who were in need of such services within the luxury watch and jewelry manufacturing industry. The ship sailed on with this 'vision' to serve niche customers.



CNC Diamond Setting

Having served customers with stable quality and reliable services, customers started requesting for more higher quality finished jewelry and watches. Diamond setting through CNC aided machines became one of the prime inquiries within the watches and jewelry then. CNC machines were added to the factory where diamond setting was done under strict controlled tests ensuring every stone setting was guaranteed to the customer. Donny J Hong Kong Ltd started gaining recognition for such principles and receiving stone setting jobs from overseas, including Switzerland.




Addition of Designing Department

The designing department was introduced as another arm of Donny J Hong Kong Ltd due to steady growth in the luxury manufacturing business of watches and jewelry. The need arose when markets got competitive and customers were disturbed of having to think and create their own collections. It was very tedious and and did not have clear directions of how to create new designs and who would be able to provide them troubled by not having , soon there was a need to provide its customers with collections that were unique and had an un-mistaken identity to customers brand collection.




Workshop Transformed into Factory

After years of dedicated service and growing orders, Donny J China was set up from being a workshop into a factory with 20 workers in total. Demand for mass quantity pressurized a small workshop of 4 people to change into a factory of 20 skilled labor.




Till date


Donny J China becomes a Factory with 200 Skilled Labor and Hi-Tech Machinery

To keep up with growing competition and faster delivery time, Donny J China had to expand rapidly with higher investments into new factory premises, adding more hi0tech machinery and adding labor force of 200 skilled labor. Donny J China also well known as DJHK within the luxury industry could now be a competitor within international markets where brands started taking interest in Donny J Chinas unique jewelry manufacturing skills within jewelry and watch industry. Till date, Donny J China maintains its edge in the market for being a reliable source of getting your jewelry and watch concepts into reality.