6 facts before buying cheap floating lockets from China

6 facts before buying cheap floating lockets from China.

 Many wholesale jewelry buyers go wrong with such decisions. Specially

buying floating lockets online, through well-known B2B or B2C sellers /

factories. You are not alone in such a case. Your decision to get that cheap

offer right-away was not wrong. 


 By now its late.


Money is gone, goods are in your hands. There was nothing wrong in

the transaction. Everything you received in shipment was given to you at

the “promised price” (and quality). What you learnt after opening the

shipment and checking was that, the floating lockets which you thought

were fabulous in quality for a ‘jaw dropping’ low price offer, in fact was a

total rip off .



 In a bit below, we will share 6 important points you should consider

before placing your order for floating lockets in China.



What we will share is our knowledge, experience and research on how we

have manufactured quality floating lockets at our factory. This little sharing

on quality manufacturing  experience of floating lockets will save buyers

that might fall into trap of ‘cheap prices for high quality floating

lockets online’.



Price for diamond cannot be as cheap as gemstone. By making this

statement you know what we wish to tell you. There is no possible way on

“mother earth” that a customer can ever hit a jackpot in buying

high quality stainless steel floating lockets for half the price offer than

other buyers or brands do.



At the same time, you cannot blame the floating locket (or also known as

charming lockets, memory lockets) factory for offering you cheap prices,

while you were bargaining for, ‘cheapest and lowest price for highest and

best quality’. According to “that” China factory with whom you were trying

to strike your deal, they thought their quality and price is exactly as what

you needed, ‘cheapest and lowest price for highest and best quality’. It’s not

that you were tricked.



You were sold inferior quality products that  looked amazing in pictures 

online. Once you receive the shipment of  few hundreds 

or thousand pieces, that’s when the reality hammer strikes. 

By now you might have thought of a refund from the floating locket factory?



Let us make it easier for you, so that a new jewelry buyer will not commit

such mistakes. 



1) Jewelry pictures from online or by email are not to be believed when

dealing with stainless steel jewelry, specific to this topic, stainless steel

floating lockets. A sample in hand is worth money safe in your bank

account. Pay for few samples and be at peace of mind. This will allow you to

understand and accept or reject quality Vs price for floating lockets you

may want to order finally. 



 Oval shape floating locket from Donny J China


2) Ensure you have a written quotation from the floating locket factory with

proper details mentioned. 

a) material (stainless steel only) 


b) size (mention size is mm or in cm, for example if you are placing an

order for 25.0mm or 30.0mm round locket) 


c) if you order floating lockets with crystals or without crystals (China

crystals or Swarovski crystals?) 


d) polishing and shine effect on surface (mirror shine finish or standard

shine finish)


e) your brand marking where needed (brand marking on back of locket,

specify the area)


f) packing of each locket into a seal plastic bag, then into a small inner box

of 50 such lockets together.



3) Call the factory to ensure, they exist. A nice girly picture on the factories

website front page, could possibly be a con artist, waiting for your money

to arrive and the rest is history.  



4) Top three were just basics about protecting your deal and money. The

below three points are of higher significance. Ensure your floating locket

can open 90 degrees. This opening structure allows your end customers to

easily insert or remove charms.



Rose gold floating locket from Donny J China.


5) 99.99% of end buyers have a chain that carries emotional value. Those

chains might be thick or beaded in design. Ensure to let your floating locket

factory make bails for your lockets with an inner diameter of 5.0mm or

6.0mm. Our floating locket buyers from different countries choose

different bail sizes. For example US customers prefer 5.0mmbails while

European customers like 6.0mm bails for their lockets.


6.0mm bail on floating locket for thicker chains from Donny J China.



6) Open one of the locket samples you purchased. Place your both your

thumbs into the locket, over the lens, and apply pressure outwards on the

lens. If the glass lens comes off easily, you need to advise your floating

locket supplier about such issue  immediately, if these were just samples

you received from your order production.



At Donny J China, we use specialized glue process to stick the glass lens

onto our lockets. Additional 30 minutes is used to process the bonding with

the locket at our factory. These two specialized process at our

factory makes every floating locket glass secure.



Another word of caution, mention clearly in your purchase orders or

written email communication to your floating locket supplier, to use glass

lens on your floating locket. If you do not specify such detailed information

then, you then should not be surprised when you receive acrylic material

lenses over your floating lockets. These acrylic lenses are cheap and easily

get scratched when charms move around, inside lockets. 



There are several more important points that we use as a benchmark in

producing stainless steel floating lockets for our customers. We will be

glad to assist if you have questions on how to safely order your floating

lockets from China.

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