3 NOT TO MISS Pearl Party Tips

3 NOT TO MISS Pearl Party Tips Donny J China

Pearl Party business owners and addicts will love these 3 important tips. 



On how to make better profits while running their live streaming party.



Real and amazing information, directly to you. 



Information that business consultants or mentors charge to teach.



After you read below 3 tips you may realize how real and helpful they are.  



Today, all this information is given to you for free.



Scenario: "You have started your Pearl Party Company."






What next?



As routine you would:

1) Buy a webcam


2) Open account on facebook for live streaming, and 


3) Research what others are selling on their Pearl Party page, hunt down exactly same models for a cheaper price to beat your competition.



Text in red reflects your thoughts, isnt it?



No, we are not fortune tellers and neither we have a crystal ball to read your mind.



We have simply experienced; experienced first hand, with customers who have now closed down their Pearl Party businesses just because they exactly followed the red text formula above as their first big-time mistake. Which is, to buy exactly same models as their competition, from online stores in China at cheaper price, just to beat their competition. 



They did not care about the material and the quality. All that mattered to them was "What can you do best in your price?"



Now, read facts below, on exactly how "Not to make a loss buying wrong jewelry designs for your pearl  party business".




Rule no. 1

never sell same designs of jewelry as your competition Donny J China


Never buy or sell same designs as your competition.


This means, never buy what others are selling. Go for other creative pearl cages or something creative that will entice your customers to always keep coming back to you for more beautiful stuff you offer.


Old pearl cage lockets

Old classic pearl cages
Research report: 80% of pearl party businesses sell these same designs


Research shows, 80% of pearl party owners are selling same jewelry designs because they have not thought of being creative. 


You may ask , Why cant I sell the same designs as my competition but for a cheaper price?


The answer is, this is the first mistake and one of the serious mistakes that many pearl party companies are making. Independent consultants just buy designs right away from online trading companies (through alibaba or ebay or amazon) because they see what others are selling in their pearl party live streaming and then go ahead to buy the same stuff. 


They never realize, or sit down and ask themselves, "Whats the difference between me and other independent consultants that are selling same jewelry designs?"


 The answer is "No difference".


"Its like offering the same burger everyday to your customers.
Your customers will slowly disappear because they will
get tired or not want to buy same jewelry
that their
friends are wearing too. 

Such Pearl Pearl Party owners create a price war for themselves
but little do they realize at the same time they are increasing
their own stress as there are cheaper priced
Pearl Parties offering 
same designs. 

Sad fact, isnt it?"   
Mr. Li Hao Wen, 
Director, Donny J China




Rule no. 2

Offer exclusive designs Donny J China


Offering exclusive designs is a winning formula


This is where you make real money for your business.


Its no rocket-science-formula.


When your customers start seeing new designs which they cannot find elsewhere. They will make sure to enroll or come to see your stuff every time you go live streaming. How lovely is that!


Offer exclusive jewelry Donny J China

Quality jewelry in stainless steel
(anti-tarnish, anti-rust, anti-allergy)



Once you see your customers booking your events in advance. Thats when you can truly sit back, relax, have a glass of red (white or a beer).




Rule no. 3

Good quality cheap quality Donny J China


Know the difference between quality jewelry Vs cheap priced jewelry.


We have genuine cases where customers were told they were buying 925 silver jewelry but instead were sold cheap "silver plated" jewelry. 


Anxious to know what happened to those customers?


They did not go bust in business, but they lost quite a big chunk of dollars to scamming suppliers who sold them low quality jewelry for fine jewelry price. 


Dont get tempted with low prices. 


Buy samples, check for true quality by wearing the samples yourself to see how long they last.


Check how quick do they tarnish or change color.


Check if any skin irritation or allergy.


Finally, "test-drive" those samples by wearing them on yourself. Use them in every possible way. These precautionary measures will help you know the result before you start selling the same jewelry pieces from your Pearl Party business. 



Want to start with a small new collection of new jewelry?


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