We will miss you

Past 27 years, has been a journey of a lifetime traveling with each one of you as our valued business partner. We enjoyed working together with you as a family and not as a customer.

Although its said, challenging times are here. Donny J China has been through couple of such challenging times. We remember, every time we came out successful, it was because of your support and trust. We operated non-stop.

Keeping our heads high, we moved onto better grounds, not necessarily higher or prosperous grounds. This is exactly what we are doing for our next phase. Our new opportunity has offered us high hopes to deal and think out of the box. In the mean time, we are glad, we could ship out all orders which makes our conscience lighter. Our sincere thank you goes out to all our loyal patrons who have confirmed receiving their shipments.

This operation of Donny J China has completed its transition into its next phase. In the future, we will cross paths and shake hands.

We wish you all well. 


Li Hao Wen
Donny J Hong Kong (China) Group of Industries.

Thank you.