Is it the end or the beginning of floating lockets?

future of floating jewelry

Floating lockets, memory lockets, story lockets and lavish lockets. These are the names this one locket  design has accumulated over period of time. Lets say, 3 years and a bit more since this craze for floating jewelry started. 

All credit goes to Origami Owl. The true believers in making floating jewelry a sweet success.

Many who saw success of Origami Owl climbing up like there’s no tomorrow, might have had this thought ‘oh we have seen this concept, this is nothing new, we could have done this too’.

But, Owls are the true dare-devils that took this concept of story telling by way of adding charms, floating plates, birthstones, elegant chains and other embellishments, making it a market leader in home-party jewelry business. Its bitter truth to home-party competitors of the Owls reading this. Its said, truth prevails, in any situation.

Within a short span of 6 months since floating jewelry concept started in the United States, alarmingly, most of South Chinas stainless steel jewelry factories were manufacturing floating lockets. A manufacturer as big as Donny J China could manufacture 800,000 pieces of stainless steel floating lockets in 55 days alone. Imagine how many more smaller factories were producing day- in-day-out all these floating lockets to feed the market craze.

Sadly, and quickly this is what happened:

1) Floating locket “copy cats” evolved.
Its taking too long to clone humans because its designs and samples are not available online (thank GGGgg).  But floating locket concept was cloned faster then a wink of an eye. From Los Angeles to New York, from England to S. Africa and oh yes, Timbuktu has just launched floating lockets too.

Thanks to online B2B and B2C sites that make copying easier, overnight, while killing the true spirit of a brand. Why this happened? This was purely because orders were placed without proper confidentiality agreements in place. Secondly, orders were not placed with select few reliable stainless steel jewelry factories that could manage from manufacturing to designing and providing excellent customer-service, for the same price. Copy cats made floating lockets in any metal that could bring down price, they chose alloy base metal to stainless steel.


2) Different sizes and shapes took birth.
Just to be different and unique, jewelry wholesalers who wanted to cash in on the floating lockets band wagon wanted to create unique (unique = evading intellectual property claims from design owners) shapes. Not even a single geometrical shape was spared in bringing so called “unique” floating designs to consumers.

Well, thinking about geometrical shapes, except shapes like Trapezium, Trapezoid and Decagon, rest of the shapes were looted and exhausted beyond imagination. Don’t ask us for proof of such geometrical shape looting, Donny J China has many designs not worth showing or discussing. We ourselves feel they are ugly beyond doubt. But what can a factory do, when a customer wants such ugly designs? We need to make it, with all respect.

shapes of floating lockets

3) Looting of geometrical shapes and thats the end… (FULL STOP).

Is it the end or the beginning of floating lockets? If we dont make round, oval, triangle shapes, then what other shapes would we think of Donny J China? This question by customers is bound to be asked. Yes, you should plunder the entire geometrical-shape-ancestral-family-tree to get your floating jewelry collection made up. Thats all can one think of? Right? What else could one do? Isnt that called ‘going round in viscous circles of failed creativity?’.

So you mean, there is a future to floating jewelry ? New designs? New collection?  The answer is Y. E. S, its a big “Yes”. The fun has just started, welcome to the party. We believe in true and perfect sense that floating jewelry market has ‘just literally started’. As the party is on, all you need to do is think creatively and think ‘out of the box”.

home party jewelry supplies

…its lunch time at the factory…to be continued.  Stay tuned 🙂

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