Womens rose gold steel bracelet

At Donny J China factory all plating jewelry is processed by IP (PVD) plating. Therefore you will be receiving fine jewelry finishing with goods that can match international standards.
Have your range of womens jewelry designs and need a reliable factory to get those designs to real life? Donny J China offers customized jewelry manufacturing based on exclusivity.

Feel free to send us your inquiry and know more about our step-by-step assistance in getting your jewelry range manufactured at Donny J. BL3351


IP rose gold womens bracelet stainless steel from stainless steel jewelry factory, Donny J China. You can use your floating lockets to dangle as an accessory on this stainless steel bracelet. Donny J stainless steel jewelry factory offers new concepts for your brand on exclusive rights. Feel free to send us your inquiry for our latest catalog. BL3351