Magnetic titanium necklace


Magnetic titanium necklace

Solid titanium necklace

Solid titanium buckle

With high grade magnets

Black FIR pieces

Combo of magnets and FIR in one necklace

Double comfort and soothing effect



Magnetic titanium necklace

We produce magnetic titanium necklace for the wellness industry.

Every wellness jewelry is made from  from high grade TA2 titanium material. All wellness jewelry undergo strict QC checks, especially magnets, buckles and pins are assembled with high security. Therefore our customers are confident about our international QC procedure.

We specialize in quality customized jewelry manufacturer in China since 1997.

Our strength is in manufacturing custom made jewelry. You give us your design specifications and we will produce it the way you like it. Therefore all specifications you provide us will be followed including size, yellow gold plating, rose gold plating, black plating or gun plating. You can browse through Donny J online shop to know us more.

Feel free to send us your inquiry today. NL829.



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