Fitbit blaze wholesale

Fitbit blaze wholesale and manufacturing services.

Smart watch watch case, bracelet and jewelry manufacturer. (Fitbit, Apple, Sony, Samsung)

You can have your own design of smart watch accessories produced at our factory. 

Donny J China specializes in manufacturing O.E.M smart watch parts and accessories.

Made from 100% stainless steel.

100% CNC finished to perfection.

fitbit blaze gadget fits in smooth and perfect.

Slim fit mesh bracelet.

Heavy duty magnet.

100% manufacturing warranty.

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Fitbit blaze wholesale

Fitbit blaze wholesale. Our factory manufactures 100% stainless steel finished accessories for fitbit. Accessories available in different finish and plating.

This accessory perfectly fits fitbit blaze collection because its made from high precision CNC machines.

Donny J China specializes as manufacturer of stainless steel watches in China since 1997. Our strength is in manufacturing custom made stainless steel watch cases and bracelets. You give us your design specifications and we will produce it the way you like it. Therefore all specifications you provide us will be followed including size, yellow gold plating, rose gold plating, black plating or gun plating.

You can browse through our stainless steel watches and find some more interesting designs for your store. WB13


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