Silver cable for women

The beauty of Donny J China jewelry is not only in its cosmetic looks but also in the plating finish.

Just like this womens cable bangle in stainless steel plated in high quality silver finish makes it a desired piece within your jewelry collection. You, a home party company, we, a factory specializing in manufacturing customized jewelry. Feel free to contact us today and get to know how we can provide our professional manufacturing services backed with new jewelry concepts matching your business.

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Looking for customized jewelry factory?

Donny J China is your reliable source to find latest and new jewelry designs and concepts. Although you may not find all new designs on its website. Donny J China works with strict confidentiality and high level of integrity to protect its customers intellectual property rights.

Backed by reliable customer service and prompt feedback, Donny J China steel jewelry factory offers you complete manufacturing solution for your designs. BL3200