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Donny J China is a specialized custom jewelry factory since 1997.

All custom jewelry is manufactured with attention to details at our factory.

Our customer service team will guide you step-by-step and ensure all details are covered before starting your sample or mass production.


custom earring jewelry factory donny j china


1. Step-by-step guide
Donny J China customer service team will check with you about following information.
a) Size of jewelry (L x W x H).
b) Base material.
c) Plating (available in yellow gold plating, rose gold plating, black plating, gun plating, chocolate brown and steel blue).
d) Logo marking. Customer will need to provide font name and area where the logo needs to be engraved. Most customer select laser marking on their custom design jewelry.
e) During the sample confirmation process. Our team will keep in constant touch by email.


2. Approval / confirmation
At Donny J China we practice "safe and sure" process to work with our customers. Customers needing precise size, markings or looks need to have approvals signed. This process will help our customer to be sure the size of jewelry they are confirming. Thats the same size they will receive as sample(s). This approval / confirmation stage eliminates completely any misunderstanding.


3.  Pre-shipment samples before mass production
Since 1997 Donny J China has been custom jewelry factory in China. During the growth of the factory, our management team has understood the importance of  providing customers with pre-shipment sample(s). Once customer receives pre-shipment samples and approve them. Only then will Donny J China start mass production of the jewelry. Should any changes be needed, customer can choose to make cosmetic changes without making changes to the entire mold. 



"Our customers are our factory life-line. Their 100% satisfaction
is not only important but its a MUST. We believe, a happy customer
is a long-term customer"
Mr. Li Hao Wen - Director, Donny J China



4. Looking for a reliable custom jewelry factory?
Donny J China is a reliable custom jewelry factory since 1997. Feel free to send us your inquiry by contacting us. You can connect with us instantly below. Our team of specialist will contact you soon. 

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