Stainless steel jewelry and watch factory, Donny J China

Your reliable stainless steel jewelry and watch factory, Donny J China

Since 1997, Donny J Hong Kong Ltd has manufactured stainless steel jewelry and watches in China. It’s dynamic management and customer focused executives allow Donny J to serve a diverse range of customers who need jewelry and or watches with their brand, as per specification.
As a skilled luxury manufacturer in China, we have developed a reputation within the luxury industry where niche designers, luxury brands, wholesalers, chain stores, and department stores have given us a sound recognition; as their confidential partner in manufacturing their brands OEM designs. We also offer new turnkey projects to brands and work with budgets that suit price-points while providing prompt and professional level of communication beyond comparison.
Donny J has a strong and talented team of 120 plus skilled setters, jewelers and craftsmen who are dedicated to producing fine jewelry and watches. Being a one-stop solution provider as well, we can further assist you to a range of packaging and display manufacturers within our professional network. Our pride is in manufacturing OEM, ODM, OBM range of jewelry and watches with diamonds or with other stones of your choice in steel and carat gold metals. We honor your choice of working with us while we being your best source for all of your jewelry and watch manufacturing needs.

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