4 important tips on how to do business with new jewelry factory.

4 steps to safe business donny j china blog

Your list of doubts can be endless when considering important factors in doing business overseas. Especially with a factory you have never dealt with.

Over the years, 18 long years, Donny J China has gained enough experience in ensuring, to cut short such long list, and allowing its potential customers to work smoothly with perfect results. We at Donny J China suggest our potential customers follow these four important factors before confirming orders with us or other factories globally.

Donny J China being a customized stainless steel jewelry and watch factory since 1997. It has had its own share of learning about how to make “integrity” the backbone of our factory culture.  Because of distance, time difference and email communication, new customers always have uncertainty in starting a new relation. For customer to trust a new factory and factory to trust a new customer , the affair of such process is similar to that of a first date between, may we say, a girl and boy.

To clear such uncertainty instantly in doing business with a new factory, we gather four important points that have proven successful in starting relation with a new customer. Below we have provided short and simple notes on how a relation can progress smoothly without any misunderstandings. While, trust grows enormously.

Its important to start with this simple sentence. A customer should not jump to conclusion that, because they have bargained and received a cheaper price quotation, therefore the quality will be high or even close to what they expect. 

Before you make such conclusion(s) or put down your deposit with the factory, we suggest, you must always and foremost ask for:

1) Samples

All can be rosy and beautiful when reviewing a factory or suppliers online catalog . If every item what you see would be exactly the same as what you receive (What You See Is What You Get) then doing business would be such a great pleasure. But, you know the truth anyway.
If you are going to work with a selected factory, the best way would be to get samples.

Samples, samples, samples. They are your safe bet, even if you have to pay for them.

And paying for samples grows your trust with the factory. In the future, once you have developed good relation with the factory, you may not even have to pay for samples. In China, many factories and its management work with “feelings” rather than going through complicated business “terms and conditions”.

request samples from jewelry factory

2) Customer service

Customer service is the mother (bench mark) of all businesses. Yes, the mother of all processes that will happen in your relation with the factory.

If the factory understands what is  customer-service and ready to answer your queries, yes all queries, with details, until you are satisfied. It would mean you truly have reached the doors of a factory that practices true customer-service. Because this factory is ready to explain, re-explain and still carry on giving you more information as you need to satisfy all your doubts, before you place your order. It means even after you receive your shipments and have any problems. This factory will surely be happy to work with you and solve your problems.

Do not choose a factory that will calculate how much time they have spent with you explaining and replying to your queries but no orders confirmed during the ‘getting to know each other’ process.

customer service donnyjchina

3) Real Vs Fake

Not an easy task. In jewelry industry, and other industries too, many a times you may ask for  a product made with material ‘A’, but eventually end up getting ‘B’ (look alike). Its easy to receive similar looking products after you have paid your money. That’s bad and painful.

For example:
a) You ordered steel, but you may receive alloy base metal products.

b) You may have ordered 15,000 niAmh mobile re-charging batteries, but what you may receive is just 5000 niAmh re-charging batteries.

c) Your order must have been for 316L stainless steel jewelry with genuine Swarovski crystals. If you are not on the alert side, you may receive 304 or even inferior steel with low grade China crystals.

How can you protect your interest?

Best and simple way is, after you have approved samples and ready to do place your order with the factory. Before nearing the delivery time, you can “request” the factory to send you shipment samples. This should be done before you can make your final balance payment. real fake products

4) Final payment

This is where every second, hour and day you have spent with the factory; and the factory with you, will arrive to this final process of the business relation i.e.: “Payment”.

Payment is the life line for both parties.

As you paid your deposit of whatever percentage mutually discussed. The factory at the same time has put in 100% amount to manufacture the goods. Therefore both stand in good books of doing what they are responsible in doing, in order to build the relation.

Should you have followed the above steps of
a) Asking for samples.
b) Scanning for customer-service experience.
c) Checking pre-shipment samples and all is right.

Then you should be happy to pay the balance and get the goods shipped out.


Donny J China has therefore taken the time to make sure new and potential customers can review our quality, customer service and workmanship by buying samples from our factory online store. We do not want orders till the customer is happy to proceed after checking out our samples.

This is how our new and interested customers can understand us better, while we get to know them equally well.

Customer reserves the right to keep looking for cheaper prices. The process of again building a new relation with a new factory will require the customer to start the relation building process all over again, the same routine will also needed to be followed by the factory, to build its relation with a new customer.

Instead, if the customer has found a reliable factory and the factory feels happy to have such a customer on its active list; the factory should offer 100% efforts in providing new and exclusive designs, troubleshoot quality issues promptly and even at times offer prices where margins may not be great but atleast the customer will not leave because of being unhappy.

Both parties have to survive eventually, with honesty and integrity.

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